Private Label

As Eser Textile, we are serving on 'private label' productions. We can serve for customer's models with given fabrics and/or metarials. Also, we can serve to our customers from new cartellas and/or metarials that we supply by our partners. Also, we're designing new models every week. We can serve you design shirts with finished price on your label. Below, we have listed our minimum production quantities for 'private label' works.

* 400 pieces / model
* 70 pieces / color

CMT (Contract Manufacturing)

As a manufacturer, we have 432.000 pieces production capacity per year in our own facilities. In total, we produce more than 600.000 pieces shirts per year with our quality partners. So, we are only producing in high-quality as our mission. From cutting to packing stage, we can serve on all process to our customers. Also, we can serve 'collection design' service for our contract customers.